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Mister Rogers deserves a stamp

In March, the United States Postal Service introduced the newest stamp – featuring our favorite neighbor, Mister Fred Rogers.

The stamp shows  Mister Rogers, cardigan and all, alongside King Friday XIII, a puppet from the show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”.

Putting the likeness of someone onto a stamp is a gesture of appreciation. And no one is more deserving of such appreciation than Mister Rogers.

Mister Rogers and his show extended across generations of Americans, teaching kindness and morals.  

Mister Rogers carried himself in such a manner that left a lasting impression on children around the nation. He sought to not only explain the world and how to live in it, but how to enjoy it every day despite its downfalls.

In an interview with Esquire in 1998, Mister Rogers recalled a speech he gave to doctors, reminding them “children’s whole world disappears when they close their eyes,” and to be gentle with kids in their fears because “you were a child once, too.”

Mister Rogers, while providing years of entertainment for children via his TV show, also left a message with adults. 

He’s right. We were all once children. We were all once wondrous and fearful of the most miniscule things that seem unimportant now. 

And in one comment, Mister Rogers reminds us to be proud of losing fear, but also to remain as curious as a child. 

In a time, when news focuses on divisive issues, and more politicians are focusing on what's wrong with this country, Mister Rogers is a beacon of light. 

Mister Rogers and his friendly demeanor touched the hearts of every parent and child who tuned in to his show for 48 seasons. He preached kindness and morals. 

He deserves to be commemorated on a stamp. 

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