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Modern Warfare reboot will be a disappointment

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" was the best version in the entire Call of Duty series. it’s no wonder a petition for a remaster of next-generation systems was easily filled with signatures. 

According to the petition, "Modern Warfare 2" had the best maps, the best killstreaks and the best guns. With that trifecta, even the online multiplayer system was unprecedented. 

No version of "Call of Duty" has been able to match the player experience that "Modern Warfare 2" gave us.

This is why the entire gaming world went crazy when it was announced by Activision there was going to be a reboot of "Modern Warfare 2." 

The maps and guns of "Modern Warfare 2," coupled with the graphics that newer systems offer, are enough to send any fan of the series over the edge. 

Unfortunately, after the announcement of the reboot, developers revealed there would be no multiplayer mode.

For me, this was perhaps the biggest disappointment of the year. 

The old phrase “Don’t fix what isn’t broke” rings true here. It is completely unfair to hype up millions of people for a remaster of a classic game only to be told that one of the best qualities will not be present. 

One of the best parts of "Modern Warfare 2" in its prime was the ability to play online with others — friends and strangers alike. The incredible layout of the maps was conducive to great gameplay. 

To rerelease "Modern Warfare 2" without such a crucial component is a guarantee to disappoint all the people who made many versions of the series successful. 

As a company, I believe you have an obligation to not only create content that generates sales and stability for a brand, but also put out content that maintains the fanbase. 

"Call of Duty" exploded in popularity after "Modern Warfare 2", and without its revolutionary take on online multiplayer games, the series might have died out. 

Activision has been incredibly quiet about its sales of the "Call of Duty" series. 

According to Forbes, after "Modern Warfare 2" sales have decreased. "Black Ops 2," released in 2012, had a 17 percent drop in sales from "Modern Warfare 3" in 2011. "Ghosts," which was released in 2013, had a 19  percent drop in sales from "Black Ops 2," and "Advanced Warfare," released in 2014, was down 27 percent from "Ghosts." 

Developers' inability to provide the same caliber of gameplay as of that in "Modern Warfare 2" is hurting sales. When the company had one chance to make up for it with a massive reboot, the developers dropped the ball.

Although great in multiplayer online mode, "Call of Duty" doesn’t have the greatest offline campaign. The guns are still great, but the story lacks in plot and is easily forgettable. It's just another military first-person shooter game. 

However, when you create an entire community around a game, you extend its life greatly. People who played "Modern Warfare 2" when it first came out are possibly still playing it on the old systems, and many gamers, like myself who play the new games wish that the maps from "Modern Warfare 2" were there. 

For all of us who can look back and remember playing "Modern Warfare 2" after school with our friends, buying "Modern Warfare 2" without multiplayer mode is sad and depressing.  

It’s incredibly disappointing for a developer to make a relaunch and not offer what the people truly want — another Estate, another Afghan, another Highrise, another Derail. What the people don't want is another boring campaign.

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