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Saturday, April 20
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Quiz: Which tattoo should you get?

Tattoo artist Kayla Sunell works on a client July 11, 2016, in MPLS Tattoo Shop in Minneapolis. There are several steps to take to properly care for a tattoo, the main point being to clean the tattoo often. 

Find out which tattoo you should get by answering these questions.

1. How’s your pain tolerance?

a. I’m basically a masochist.
b. Probably average.
c. I pass out when I even see a needle.
d. Bring on the pain.
e. Pain is for the weak.
f. I’ll survive.
g. I have separated my soul from my body and no longer feel pain — or anything really, tbh.

2. Where do you want the tattoo?

a. My upper arm
b. My wrist
c. My ankle
d. My thigh
e. My back
f. My arm
g. I don’t care. Just give me my tattoo.

3. Black-and-white or color?

a. I can’t choose!
b. It doesn’t matter.
c. Black-and-white
d. I want all the colors. Every. Single. One.
e. Probably black-and-white
f. Black like my soul.
g. Color, obviously.

4. Do you want to be able to hide your tattoo under clothes?

a. Lol, that ain’t gonna happen.
b. That would be preferred.
c. Yes, please! I’m trying to hide it from my parents and/or employer.
d. No way! You can’t contain the flow of my art.
e. Probably not.
f. I don’t care either way.
g. Why would I want to hide my art?

5. What would be your college major?

a. Biochemistry
b. English
c. Marketing
d. Psychology
e. Visual arts
f. Architecture
g. History

6. Where would you like to go on vacation?

a. New York City
b. Florence, Italy
c. Imerovigli, Greece
d. Paris
e. New Delhi
f. London
g. Providence, Rhode Island

7. You have a free Friday night. What are you doing?

a. I’m working late.
b. I’m curled up with some tea and a good book.
c. I’m partying, probably harder than I should.
d. I’m grabbing drinks with friends.
e. I’m at a comedy show.
f. I’m binge-watching Netflix.
g. I’ve been asleep for hours.

8. What kind of music do you listen to?

a. Classical music
b. Anything with deep lyrics
c. Pop hits
d. Taylor Swift is all I need in life.
e. Popular indie music
f. Indie music that’s so much cooler than yours
g. Oldies

9. What is your spirit animal?

a. A badger
b. An owl
c. A dog
d. A horse
e. A wolf
f. A stag
g. An eagle

10. Describe your style.

a. Comfortable but not slouchy
b. Nerdy but cute
c. Pretty preppy, to be honest
d. Like a hippie straight from the 1970s
e. Unironically hipster
f. Clean and professional
g. Old-fashioned

If you got mostly A’s, you should get a realistic tattoo. Whether it’s a tattoo of your childhood dog or a portrait of your dead aunt, a realistic tattoo will allow you to keep a piece of your history on your skin forever.

If you got mostly B’s, you should get a quote tattoo. You love your words, and now you can etch those cheesy inspirational quotes and deep literary musings right onto your skin.

If you got mostly C’s, you should get a teeny-tiny tatt. You want a tattoo, but might be a bit worried about the commitment. Well, don’t you worry you’re pretty little mind because these fingernail-sized tattoos could be the answer to your prayers.

If you got mostly D’s, you should get a watercolor tattoo. A water color tattoo will allow your colorful, free-spirited nature to flow onto your skin.

If you got mostly E’s, you should get a tribal tattoo. So you think you’re a tough guy? Well maybe you are, but chances are you're just a hipster. But either way, the dark, pronounced lines and intricate designs of tribal tattoos may be right for you.

If you got mostly F’s, you should get a geometric tattoo. You like things simple, clean cut and professional, none of that basic, frilly fru fru garbage, and you want a tattoo to match.

If you got mostly G’s, you should get a traditional tattoo. You like to keep things traditional with bold lines, bright colors and maybe an anchor or two.

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