COLUMN: Fashion choices depend on the day of week

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We all have our favorite day of the week, and I bet I could name yours from what you’re wearing. 

Monday always starts out one of two ways, either at your best or worst dressed. While the start of the work week is almost everyone’s least favorite day of the week, our approach to the Monday blues varies. 

The first is the more unconscious move. It’s falls hand-in-hand with the rubbing of your eyes as you slip into next best thing from the pajamas you’re already in. It’s hardly a change of clothes, but you know it has to be somewhat socially appropriate to wear in public. The start of the week can be rough, so we often opt for comfort with leggings, joggers or our favorite pair of jeans and the biggest sweatshirt we can find.

The other route is only when we are really thinking about what we are going to wear on Monday. It’s a conscious thought to say, “Hey, let’s be optimistic about the week.” The “look good, feel good” mentality usually results in a bit of a dressed up you. Maybe you’re sporting an embroidered pair of jeans or a lace top to add a flair to your usual look. 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s the same general attitude. We’ve accepted it. The school week is in full force and our attire reflects it. On Tuesday you’ve gotten past the worst day of the week, and by Thursday it’s already almost the weekend, so optimism is written all over our faces and our apparel.

Perhaps you’ll spot someone swapping out their Nikes for Oxfords, or maybe you too will feel the urge to wear something a little brighter from your closet to match your mood. 

Then there is Friday and Saturday, which you might as well cue “Walking on Sunshine” for, because who doesn’t love the weekend? Friday is always fun for attire, because for many there’s a dress change. Perhaps you’re wearing that blouse that always makes you feel good during the day and then you pull out the daring heels that only slightly cut off the blood circulation to your feet, but, oh well, it’s the weekend. This means it’s finally time to pull out all the stops in our closets.

When Sunday rolls around it’s all about comfort. Groutfits, or outfits completely gray, and Crocs only see the light of day on the final day of the weekend, because our look shows that we are mourning the end of another couple days of rest. No judgment is passed in coffee shops or libraries, because Sunday uniforms are clearly understood and respected. 

However, what’s my favorite day of the week for attire? Wednesday. 

I’ve always asked myself, what are we supposed to do with Wednesday? It’s just there, sitting in the middle of the week. And my roommate, a former IDS fashion columnist, once told me she notices Wednesdays tend to be the day of the week people dress down the most, and I think she’s right.

Honestly it makes sense. It’s hump day. Yes, we may be halfway there, but we also can’t help but look at the glass half empty. So while it may be easy for me to slump down into my favorite lumpy sweater when it’s “only Wednesday,” instead I find attire to be that extra oomph in my step when the week is feeling slow.

So even if that rainy Wednesday is feeling extra drab, there’s a lovely trench coat and a vibrant umbrella to help find the silver lining.

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