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Tuesday, April 23
The Indiana Daily Student


Weekly Takes

Each week, the Editorial Board meets to discuss some of our opinions. These are a sample of what we talked about this week.

Neeta Patwari: There is no reason an academic building at IU shouldn't have printers. If some buildings can have projectors in every room, I want a printer in Sycamore Hall. 

Josh Hoffer: If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I want to know what fruit keeps the dentist away. Garlic? Is garlic a fruit?

Maddy Klein: Grand gestures are underused and totally worth it. 

Anne Anderson: Glenn Robinson III, a basketball player for the Indiana Pacers, airballed his first shot on his first game back, and I'll never hurt more than I did in that moment. 

Miranda Garbaciak: Family issues are probably the worst issues to have because it's almost impossible to extract yourself from them. 

Therin Showalter: Calling mass shooters mentally ill must give their defense attorneys great ammunition for an insanity plea. 

Ethan Smith: Birkenstocks and socks is a look all year-round, regardless of weather.

Emma Getz: Public schools need more funding for mental health resources. 

Matthew Waterman: For some reason, Americans call cheese "queso" when it's in liquid form. Do Spanish-speakers call it "cheese" in English when it's in liquid form?

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