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Reel Talk: "Game Night" takes home the prize

The comedy "Game Night," starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, came out Feb. 23. The movie is about a group of friends who have a weekly game night filled with everything from charades to Pictionary. One night, one of the friends puts on an elaborate murder mystery party. But when things get a little too realistic, the friends start questioning whether the unfolding events are real or just a part of the game. 

The previews for this movie promised action and humor, and both delivered. The long, continuous shots in the action scenes make for a spectacle that entertains the audience and showcases the hard work of the people behind the scenes. 

Kathryn Jankowski

The friends, who are all couples, had motivating storylines. Each couple’s dynamic was a driving force in maintaining the film's pacing. The film's humor keeps it moving, too. The comedy scenes were similar to "Saturday Night Live" sketches rather than quick one-liners. I found this to be a breath of fresh air from other comedies that use cursing and partying as cop-out jokes. 

However, the pacing broke down near the end when the twists kept piling on, and I began to take "Game Night" less seriously. I felt like the excessive twists took me out of the movie, and I was just upset it didn’t end earlier. 

There was also a boring side storyline between the main character, Max, and his brother, Brooks, portrayed by Kyle Chandler. Every time their story was the focus, I was immediately uninterested because it added nothing to the script.

Overall, I would recommend saving your money and waiting to watch "Game Night" at home. It doesn’t need to be on the big screen to be enjoyed. I rate this movie a 3/5. Be sure to check back in this week for an Oscars special. 

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