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IU students share their favorite Vines

The Indiana Daily Student talked to students around the Indiana Memorial Union about their favorite Vines, how they watch them and their thoughts about the upcoming v2, the successor of Vine.

Senior Conner Capik

IDS: What would you say is the most recognizable vine?

Conner: There’s this one where this girl goes, “Look at all those chickens.” People keep making spin-offs of that, trying to make it their own.

IDS: What did you like most about Vine when everyone was still using it?

Conner: It’s like a short clip, meant to be funny, and you can just watch it real quick and go on to the next one.

IDS: There are rumors that there’s going to be a new Vine. Do you have any comments about what you’d hope for from it?

Conner: I’d say, “What was wrong with the first one?” I don’t know. People go to Twitter for some quick videos. I’ve seen a lot of the vines on Twitter, linking it to Vine. 

IDS: Do you think v2 would be obsolete, then?

Conner: I think so, I think it’s unneeded.

Mallory Smith

Senior Krista Schaarschmidt

IDS: Do you have a favorite vine, or one that sticks out to you?

Krista: Even though I didn’t have the app, I remember seeing so many across YouTube and across social media. I feel like I see references to them. Like, recently, there was that one with that fresh avocado, like, “free-sha vaca-do.” I saw it in a different post about something else and you had to know that vine to get the joke. I don’t know if I have a favorite, but that’s the one that most recently made me laugh.

IDS: It’s crazy how meta those Vine references get. 

Krista: Exactly, and especially for something that, I don’t really know what happened. I heard it went away. 

I think I do have a favorite. There’s that one where it’s the two guys and they’re at the beach, and it’s like, “Sea God,” or “Poseidon of the sea.”

IDS: That’s my favorite one. 

Krista: “Poseidon quivers before him,” or whatever. It’s so funny. I still laugh when I watch it, even though it’s been a while.

IDS: What was your favorite part about watching vines?

Krista: Since it was my sister who had the app and showed it to me, probably my favorite part was sharing it with her. We don’t have a lot of things in common, but that was something we both found funny.

IDS: There are rumors of another Vine app coming out called v2, which is supposed to be like Vine, but better. What are your comments and thoughts about that?

Krista: Since I didn’t have it downloaded before, maybe I would this time, since I became more familiar with the videos after it went away. As long as the people who were originally a part of it would still be involved. I remember I loved Thomas Sanders. He’s so funny. He posts on Tumblr a lot, still. 

Mallory Smith

Sophomore Jay Chopra

IDS: Do you have a favorite vine?

Jay: I like the avocado one. With the kid.

IDS: What was your favorite part about Vine?

Jay: Funny videos. It was fun to watch. They were short.

IDS: There are rumors that a new Vine is going to come out. What are thoughts on that?

Jay: I don’t even understand why Vine shut down. 

IDS: I think it had something to do with the people making them wanting to get paid, and Vine wasn’t about it. A money thing.

Jay: Kind of like YouTubers. I don’t know. It might catch on. Probably not.

IDS: How come?

Jay: All the old vines are on Twitter. Everyone's moved on to YouTube. They actually get paid on YouTube. Probably won’t be as many vines.

IDS: I watch vine compilations on YouTube a lot. 

Jay: I watch them on YouTube all the time. 

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