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Tuesday, April 23
The Indiana Daily Student


Column: Weekly Takes

Each week, the Editorial Board exchanges some of our opinions with one another. These are a few of them

Neeta Patwari: The heating on campus should be more consistent. I shouldn't be sweating in one building and freezing in another.

Matthew Waterman: Breaded and fried portobello strips are Earth's most underrated appetizer. 

Ethan Smith: I don't think Bloomington needs an armored tank. 

Emma Getz: If Sufjan Stevens doesn't win an Oscar, 2018 is ruined. 

Maddy Klein: Love is not a finite resource and its value doesn't diminish even if you give it freely and often. 

Julia Bourkland: You can't insult Rihanna's "Work" just because you can't understand the lyrics that are in Patois. Saying the song is lazy doesn't make you sophisticated.  

Miranda Garbaciak: Apple Music is only inferior to Spotify in the sense that you can't resume where you left off when you accidentally close out of the app. 

Anne Anderson: Gauchos should cease to exist in entirety. 

Therin Showalter: If we can pass legislation to prevent teenagers from eating laundry pods, we can pass legislation to prevent them from being systematically executed at school. 

Josh Hoffer: All high school and collegiate athletes, not just football players, should receive the training necessary to detect and report concussions.  

Tejus Arora: The best quote I read this week is from Daisaku Ikeda, a Japanese philosopher — “The deeper the dark, the closer the dawn.”

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