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Friday, April 19
The Indiana Daily Student


Weekly Takes

Each week, the Editorial Board exchanges opinions shared and debated on staff. Here are a few of our takes this week. 

Neeta Patwari: The Eve's Garden pizza at Pizza X is the best vegetable pizza in Bloomington. The combo of flavors is the best. 

Josh Hoffer: I wish a ghost would haunt me, but to give me spooky reminders about when I have appointments or assignments to turn in. Undead utilitarianism would be the most useful hack. 

Therin Showalter: "The Shape of Water" does not deserve 13 Oscar nominations, maybe like eight tops.  

Maddy Klein: Fifty degrees equals dress weather.

Matthew Waterman: We need to start calling professors out in course evaluations for doing things such as playing a YouTube video for 10 minutes without moving the cursor away from the playback bar, so it never disappears. 

Miranda Garbaciak: Bob Ross's painting special was the original autonomous sensory meridian response. 

Anne Anderson: It's not a taco if it has sour cream on it. That's blasphemy.  

Emma Getz: Subtitles should always be available for audiovisual media so it will be more accessible for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

Madelyn Powers: The Hunger Games and the Olympic Games are the same thing.

Julia Bourkland: Swings are for everyone, young and old.  

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