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Tuesday, May 21
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Hutton Honors to offer 'Wartime in the Netherlands' study abroad program

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One of the most well-known artifacts to come out of the Netherlands after World War II is “The Diary of Anne Frank.” 

The Hutton Honors International Experiences Program will offer a study abroad program to explore the history and culture surrounding the Netherlands in World War II, including important objects such as Frank’s diary. 

The program, Wartime in the Netherlands, will give students the opportunity to study in The Hague, Netherlands for four weeks in summer 2018. The program fee is $2,500, but all admitted students will receive a grant to cover half of the cost, excluding airfare. 

The effects of the Nazi invasion and World War II itself can still be seen throughout the world, including in Dutch culture. HIEP offers students the opportunity to get a glimpse into the Nazi assault on the Netherlands, especially through film and literature like Frank’s.

The trip will allow students to explore historical sites, hear from expert researchers and collaborate with classmates and IU faculty, according to the HIEP website.

“Five years of Nazi occupation had an enormous impact on the Netherlands,” academic director and instructor Esther Ham said in her syllabus description for the course.

Even though the war ended over 70 years ago, there are still books and feature films being published about its effects.

“Why are the Dutch still so preoccupied with that period?” Ham said. “In this survey course, we will try to answer that question.”

Students will study the basic events of World War II as well as analyze popular books and films centering around the war and its aftermath, including “The Diary of Anne Frank.” In addition, there will be an overnight trip to Amsterdam, a one-day trip to the former Nazi prison Oranjehotel and other afternoon excursions.

The priority deadline for applications is Dec. 15, and the final application deadline is Feb. 2.

More information can be found on the Hutton Honors International Experiences Program website. 

Christine Stephenson

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