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Which fall TV pilot should you watch?


There are plenty of superhero shows, but if you’ve already binge watched all of Marvel’s shows on Netflix, you might have to turn to cable TV for your next fix. This pilot follows the story of the Inhuman Royal Family, who escape to Hawaii after a military coup. Upon their arrival, the family members must use their superpowers to save not only themselves but also the world. If you can get past the cheap set design, the show offers something for action lovers. Its pilot opens with an intense chase sequence. “Inhumans” might not be the best Marvel show, but superhero aficionados should definitely give it a try. 

"The Good Doctor": 

If you’re seeking a refreshed “Grey’s Anatomy” with a twist in the storyline, then “The Good Doctor” is the show for you. The pilot follows Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism, on his way to an interview with San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. The first patient is introduced within the opening 10 minutes, as Murphy attempts to save the life of an eight-year-old boy in an airport. Beyond the hospital suspense, there are moments of romance in the first episode, giving the show a “Grey’s Anatomy” ambiance. Those who like to vicariously imagine themselves as doctors through the screen will certainly like “The Good Doctor.”


This pilot begins like many other action adventure type shows. Think "Chuck." Some guy is frantically running down an abandoned hallway. He leaves a message: “If something goes wrong (it does), find these two guys who can fix everything (they probably can’t)." Adam Scott’s character, Max Jennifer, is a dorky ex-Stanford professor who thinks aliens abducted his wife. He is paired with Craig Robinson’s Leroy Wright, a shamed ex-police detective, and watching these two fight crime feels like a crossover between "The Other Guys" and "The Nice Guys." This buddy-cop comedy seems boring until about ten minutes later when you see some alien take off its own head. 

"The Mayor":

This show follows a young rapper who runs for mayor as a publicity stunt to get a record deal, and he ends up winning. Courtney Rose, played by Brandon Micheal Hall, leads this feel-good family comedy. The pilot finally welcomes Lea Michele back to her classic TV role of a stick in the mud through her portrayal of Valentina, Rose's strict campaign manager. In the first episode, Rose juggles his rap career with making his city a better place. Overall, the show wasn't that impressive, but it has potential. 

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