Top IU football game day traditions


IU cheerleaders cheer during "The Walk" prior to IU's football game against Georgia Southern on Sept. 23. "The Walk" is one of the top game day traditions enjoyed by IU football fans.  Bobby Goddin Buy Photos

1. Hep’s Rock: IU football's signature tradition carries a lot of symbolism. Former IU Coach Terry Hoeppner discovered a limestone boulder on one of IU's practice fields during his first season as head coach in 2005.

Hoeppner had the boulder moved to behind the north end zone of Memorial Stadium, where it still resides today. 

The rock was an object each IU player would touch before entering the playing field. Hoeppner told the team it symbolized the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, as opposing teams would "do hard time in the rock" when they came to Bloomington.

Hoeppner died from a brain tumor in June 2007, and the rock, now known as "Hep's Rock," serves as a memorial to him.

The rock will always have a special place with the IU program because anything tapping into emotion and legacy of the football team makes for a distinctive tradition.

2. Raise The Flag: After each IU victory, a giant IU flag is raised above Memorial Stadium to proclaim to all of Bloomington a Hoosier victory occurred. The crimson flag is massive and can be seen from far away on campus.

What’s better than seeing the flag as a giant signal that IU has won, especially after a big victory? “Raise the flag” also doubles as a motivational slogan used by the football program.

3. The Walk: Almost every college football team around the country has a version of "The Walk," but IU's remains a special tradition for its fans nonetheless.

Just over two hours before each home football game, IU's players and coaches will make a pregame walk into Memorial Stadium, giving fans a chance to gather around them and show their support.

The Marching Hundred and IU cheerleaders are also present at "The Walk" and lead fans in the signing of "Indiana, Our Indiana" and "Indiana Fight."

4. The Fight Song: Following every IU touchdown, a rendition of the school fight song is belted out around Memorial Stadium.

It's a way to spark passion and pride into the IU fanbase, uniting fans across multiple generations. 

The fists and blades at the end of the song help distinguish it from others as well.

5. Postgame Team Song: It may be a new tradition under IU Coach Tom Allen, but it has quickly become a fan-favorite.

Following each IU win so far this season, the coaches and players have gathered together in the IU locker room to sing a rendition of "Indiana, Our Indiana." 

The sing-a-longs have been posted online on the IU football team's Twitter page, and have proved to be a hit with fans.

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