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84-year-old man pleads guilty to public indecency

An 84-year- old man pleaded guilty to public indecency today.

Edward Uhles, who will turn 85 on Wednesday, pleaded guilty to two counts of public indecency and one count of criminal trespassing. All three incidents took place at College Mall.

Uhles went to College Mall on Aug. 23 and Aug. 27 of last year with prop glasses that he bought from Spencer’s. The glasses, named “Dickey Specs” on the Spencer’s website, depict a plastic replica of male genitalia.

He then took these glasses into H&M, unzipped his pants and positioned the glasses inside to resemble real genitals. He said in court that he did this to get attention, and several people noticed Uhles in the store.

Additionally, Uhles has several other prior convictions of public indecency, public nudity, indecent exposure and criminal trespassing in several different counties.

Uhles had a psychosexual evaluation in March 2017. The evaluator classified him as “high-risk” in continuing this type of behavior. 

When the judge presiding over the case asked Uhles why he did it, he said he believed his behavior was due to childhood trauma.

He has been attending specialized sex offender treatment since May. Uhles was sentenced to three years of home detention.

Kara Williams

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