19-year-old arrested for arson

Police arrested 19-year-old Charles Burris for arson after he allegedly set fire to his bicycle and left it behind his father’s trailer on Phlox Lane at 3:22 p.m. Tuesday. 

The fire damaged the side of the trailer and one of the windows.

A neighbor noticed the fire and saw Burris running eastbound, away from the trailer, while she was getting her mail. She put out the fire with a garden hose and called the police.

When the police arrived, officers found candle wax and an oily liquid on the bicycle and side of the trailer. Police reported that the trailer looked like it had been ransacked.

Officers located Burris at a nearby Walmart where he was allegedly shoplifting. Police said his clothes had tags on them.

Burris had powder from the floor of the trailer on his shoes. He also had candle wax on his sock.

Burris’ father told police his son wanted to buy his trailer, but he told his son he was not responsible enough to own it.

Burris was checked into Monroe County Jail for arson, a level-three felony, and theft.

Christine Fernando

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