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Friday, May 24
The Indiana Daily Student

No injuries or damages reported after Tuesday's protests

A policeman tells a man to calm down after he yells at the crowd protesting Charles Murray. The man was one of only a few people opposing the protester's viewpoints.

Hundreds of people gathered Tuesday outside Franklin Hall to voice their concerns about controversial libertarian social scientist Charles Murray.

Seventy officers from IUPD, Bloomington Police Department and Indiana State Police were present in and around Franklin Hall to protect the protesters and the speaker.

According to police records there were no reported injuries or damage to property. Protests about controversial speaker Murray went smoothly, IU Police Department Lt. Craig Munroe said.

Later, a video was posted on Facebook by Jacob Mills. The video shows a police officer shoving a protester away and then pushing them back on the ground after they fell.

“Everybody got to express what was on their mind and exercise free speech,” Munroe said.

One protester, IU senior Stella Shaffer, was detained by an IUPD officer and state police officer.

Shaffer was detained by police at 7:48 p.m. for disorderly conduct. Shaffer laid down in front a police vehicle that was driving through the Sample Gates along the pedestrian pathway.

Shaffer burned her ticket to the Murray speech a day prior on Facebook live.

The two officers zip-tied her hands behind her back and took her inside Franklin Hall.

Inside, officers explained to her what was going on, Munroe said.

Shaffer said she was fearful when she was detained. She was supposed to attend a court hearing to have her name and gender marker changed.

“I was scared they’d send me to men’s jail,” Shaffer said.

While she was sitting in the Franklin Hall atrium, Shaffer said it was quiet. She wanted to make conversation and asked the officer who was watching her whether he liked apple or blueberry pie.

About 20 minutes later, officers released Shaffer. There was no need for an arrest, Munroe said.

“It’s your lucky day,” Shaffer said one officer said to her.

Police will decide soon whether to file charges against Shaffer or to refer her to the dean, Munroe said.

After Shaffer was taken into police custody, there was a brief verbal confrontation between protesters and 

The protesters chanted “Who do you serve? Who do you protect?” at the group of officers. One man in an orange bandanna raised a middle finger in one of the officer’s faces.

The crowds would dissipate and reappear throughout the night. Eventually police were able to take down the barricades that surrounded Franklin Hall.

When the protesters walked up, there was no danger and officers felt no threat, Munroe said.

“They were voicing their opinions,” Munroe said. “We weren’t there to stop that."

Editor's note: This story has been updated after a video showing a violent interaction with a police officer and a protester was discovered. There were still no injuries reported by officials, but the story has been updated to reflect the content of the video.

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