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Thursday, Nov. 30
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Students prepare for spring semester

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Though many students are still clinging to the last few minutes of break and relaxing and unwinding, some, like Anna Schilling, an IU senior, are already making preparations for the new semester.

Sarah Henderson, an IU freshman, has already planned her return to Bloomington, “I think I will go back early,” Henderson said. That way she can get her books.

Schilling already has many of her books, though she said she prefers to wait and see if she really needs them.

“I am sort of a pre-planner,” Schilling said. “I already got some of my books. I usually wait to talk to the professor to see if I really need the book.”

Junior Thomas Stewart, on the other hand, is watching videos and doing research for one of his classes.

“I watch the videos anyway, but now I am taking notes,” Stewart said.

This is a different start to the semester for him, he said. Stewart said he usually stumbles haplessly into the semester and is completely unprepared.

However, this time he said he is going to stop dividing his attention among all of his classes and he is going to focus his attention on his game design. One of the projects for the class is to create a board game, and he intends to put all his efforts into creating a complex and detailed game.

Stewart is hoping his project will be a centerpiece, like a portfolio to show his talents.

Henderson, though worried about her classes, said she is looking ahead to the summer. Henderson is working in a research lab and hopes to stay on when the semester is over.

If she can set up a position at the lab, Henderson said she might even take a summer class. During the semester she has very simple goals — focus more on her studies, hang out with friends a little less, and get more REM sleep.

Schilling has opposing goals. Though she is still going to work hard in her classes, she intends to spend more time with friends and get out and do things. However, she said she still is looking to apply for the Kelley School of Business and has a job set up for the summer.

“I have been such a nerd,” Schilling said. “I want to get out and go explore.”

For some, like Schilling, plans for the summer are already in motion; however, for others like Henderson and Stewart, what happens during the summer is entirely dependent on what they can accomplish during the semester.

Stewart said he hopes to be noticed at game design competitions, and Henderson’s plans are dependent on getting a position at her lab.

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