New indoor gardening store opens


B-Town Botanicals, a new indoor garden supply and hydroponics store in Bloomington displays a deep water culture bucket in a grow tent. They offer grow room specialist who will design and install equipment for customers too. Adelina Jusuf and Adelina Jusuf Buy Photos

The smell of dirt fills B-Town Botanicals, and the faint hum of a water pump radiates from the corner of the room. It only makes sense. It’s an indoor garden and hydroponics supply store.

The store opened in early January in a shopping strip on Winslow Road. B-Town Botanicals sells nutrients, seeds, lighting, grow systems and more. 

The store’s owner, Jesse Bunnell, said he always wanted to start the business. As soon as he found out Worm’s Way was closing, he said he began the process of opening B-Town Botanicals. He began a GoFundMe in support of his business and received more than $47,000. 

“It felt like my dream was actually going to happen,” Bunnell, 33, said. “I really felt like they believed in me.” 

Through B-Town Botanicals customers can pay for a specialist to design and install equipment for indoor growing systems. The service sets up the grow for the customer, and specialists can even do construction and tear down walls to get the indoor growing room set up. 

“I think it’s nice for people if they want to be able to grow their own food," Andrew Bowlds, a senior at IU, said. 

Bunnell said he is confident he has the best prices in the area. In case he doesn't, customers can bring in evidence of the product costing less at another store, and the store policy is to take 10 percent off the competitor's price, according to the B-Town Botanicals website. The discount is only available on an in-store purchase. 

Chase Lawyer, 24, is the only other employee so far. He found out about B-Town Botanicals through an ad on Facebook and emailed Bunnell about it. He helps customers, does inventory, helped with the setup of the store and helps pick out merchandise for Bunnell to order for the store. 

“I’m always learning something new, especially from the customers that come into the store,” said Lawyer, who has a degree in environmental horticulture. “It’s a two-way street when it comes to that because I’m teaching them new things, and they’re teaching me new things.” 

Lawyer said he feels like he is continuing his education through B-Town Botanicals and having a resource like B-Town Botanicals is valuable to the community. 

The store’s grand opening party is March 25, and Bunnell says people can expect industry leaders, food vendors, product samples, raffle prizes of products from the store and entertainment. 

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect information that has been clarified. A previous version of this story suggested that B-Town Botanicals replaced Worm’s Way. However, B-Town Botanicals is one of several indoor gardening businesses in the area.

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