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Monday, Dec. 4
The Indiana Daily Student


A question of consent

One night, two IU students and the thin line between a hook-up and a rape

She’d been up all night. She hadn’t changed her underwear or brushed her teeth. Now she stood, naked and trembling, in an exam room in the IU Health Center as a nurse and a medical technician shined a flashlight on her body. They took photographs, swabbed her cheeks and measured her scrapes and bruises.

The night before, Marion Zerfoss had gotten drunk at a party at her house on Dunn Street. She was throwing up, and her roommates were worried she might choke on her vomit. They asked a neighbor, Aaron Farrer, to take care of her. Both Zerfoss and Farrer were 20. She was a junior. He was sophomore. She was studying management in School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He was an IU Police Department cadet. Her roommates thought he’d be responsible.

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