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Thursday, June 13
The Indiana Daily Student

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EDITORIAL: Make America Cool Again

It’s no secret the Editorial Board has never been hesitant to criticize President-elect Donald Trump when we feel he is acting irresponsibly. In order for the criticism to be measured and fair, we must also raise attention to issues we feel he is performing adequately on. This is certainly the case with the recent deal to keep Carrier jobs in Indiana, made all the more relevant due to the issue’s local impact.

Last week, Trump announced that he had reached a deal with the Carrier corporation to keep more than 1,000 jobs in Indiana. This is much-needed relief for the workers who had been 
hearing for the last several years about how their jobs were destined to be outsourced to Mexico.

This was an early campaign promise of Trump’s, amplified by his selection of Indiana Governor Mike Pence. The fact that it has been fulfilled already, before Trump even occupies the White House, is impressive. We are pleased to see all these Indiana workers keeping their jobs and the Indiana economy retaining the boon that this manufacturing plant provides.

Greater context should be given to Carrier’s decision. Indiana is a state that has seen strong manufacturing growth, in stark contrast to the rest of the Midwest. While Pence has succeeded in providing continuity to this environment, the real credit belongs to former Governor Mitch Daniels, who focused on cutting taxes and regulation while avoiding contentious social issues.

Because of this, many different companies have chosen to relocate to our state. Just skimming the news feed when one searches “Relocating to Indiana,” this pro-manufacturing culture is apparent. In addition to companies moving here, many are expanding their operations in the state. For instance, just last week WTHR reported Toyota will be adding about 70 new jobs at its forklift plant.

This speaks to another reason so many are excited about the Carrier decision: these sorts of manufacturing jobs are well-paying. They provide excellent opportunities for Hoosiers to make a decent living in a state with a relatively low cost of living. If Carrier had moved, over 1,000 Hoosiers would have been out of luck.

Not only would those workers be hurt, but the overall trend toward outsourcing drives other wages down. Carrier moves, and 1,000 previously employed people enter the job market.

There are lots of reasons to do business in America, but labor generally is more expensive here than elsewhere. Trump’s Carrier deal shows how America can compete. By lowering the corporate tax burden industry- or nation-wide and eliminating superfluous and expensive regulations, companies can take advantage of all the benefits domestic production offers them.

The Editorial Board is 
impressed with Trump’s ability to deliver early on this symbolic campaign promise. Hopefully this is indicative of good things to come. By focusing on issues like this that unite Americans, Trump could be a successful 

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