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Here are the up-to-the-minute updates for each of the national, state and local races. These are preliminary results gathered from each Indiana county. 

Last updated: 1:00 a.m.


Hillary Clinton (D): 38.8%

Donald Trump (R): 56.3%

Gary Johnson (I): 4.9%


Evan Bayh (D): 42.9%

Todd Young (R): 51.6%

Lucy Brenton (I): 5.5%


John Gregg (D): 46.1%

Eric Holcomb (R): 50.5%

Rex Bell (I): 3.3%

Attorney General

Lorenzo Arredondo (D): 38.4%

Curtis Hill (R): 61.6%

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Glenda Ritz (D): 43.7%

Jennifer McCormick (R): 56.3%

House District 1

Peter Visclosky (D): 83.0%

John Meyer (R): 0%

Donna Dunn (I): 17.0%

House District 2

Lynn Coleman (D): 39.9%

Jackie Walorski (R): 56.1%

Ron Cenkush (I): 4.0%

House District 3

Tommy Schrader (D): 23.7%

Jim Banks (R): 69.2%

Pepper Snyder (I): 7.1%

House District 4

John Dale (D): 27.5%

Todd Rokita (R): 67.5%

Steven Mayoras (I): 5.0%

House District 5

Angela Demaree (D): 40.1%

Susan Brooks (R): 41.9%

Matthew Wittlief (I): 4.2%

House District 6

Barry Welsh (D): 26.9%

Luke Messer (R): 68.9%

Rich Turvey (I): 4.2%

House District 7

Andre Carson (D): 59.6%

Catherine Ping (R): 36.0%

Drew Thompson (I): 4.4%

House District 8

Ron Drake (D): 27.9%

Larry Bucshon (R): 57.2%

Andrew Horning (I): 14.9%

House District 9

Shelli Yoder (D): 42.5%

Trey Hollingsworth (R): 52.6%

Russell Brooksbank (I): 4.9%

State Senator, District 40

Mark Stoops (D): 100%

State Rep., District 46

Bill Breeden (D): 36.0%

Bob Heaton (R): 64.0%

State Rep., District 60

Penny Githens 38.4%

Peggy Mayfield 61.6%

State Rep., District 61

Matt Pierce (D): 78.8%

Drew Ash (I): 21.2%

State Rep., District 62

Steve Lindsey (D): 100%

Jeff Ellington (R): 0%

Monroe County Treasurer

Jessica McClellan (D): 54.2%

Ann Collins (R): 45.8%

Monroe County Surveyor

Trohn Enright-Randolph (D): 56.3%

Russell Stanger (R): 43.7%

Monroe County Council, At Large (top three chosen)

Elizabeth Jones (D): 27.6%

Geoffrey McKim (D): 23.8%

Cheryl Munson (D): 26.7%

Hal Turner (R): 21.8%

Monroe County Coroner 

Joani Shields (D): 56.9%

Eric Powell (R): 43.1%

Monroe County Auditor

Catherine Smith (D): 47.4%

T. Ann Boehm (R): 35.5%

Therese Chambers (I): 17.1%

MCCSC District 2

Jim Billingsley 35.4%

Sue Wanzer 64.6%

MCCSC District 4

Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer: 68.8%

James Shackelford: 31.2%

MCCSC District 5

Keith Klein 100%

MCCSC District 6

Lois Sabo-Skelton: 59.6%

Martin Spechler: 40.4%

Monroe County Commissioner, District 2

Julie Thomas (D): 59.5%

Nelson Shaffer (R): 40.5%

Monroe County Commissioner, District 3

Amanda Clerkin Barge (D): 59.0%

Paul White (R): 41.0%

Judge of the Monroe County Circuit Court, No. 1

Holly Harvey (D): 100%

Judge of the Monroe County Circuit Court, No. 4

Mary Ellen Diekhoff (D): 100%

Judge of the Monroe County Circuit Court, No. 7

Stephen Galvin (D): 100%

Results gathered from each Indiana county by the staff of the Indiana Daily Student

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