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Monday, May 27
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TEDx Bloomington encourages discussion through video


TEDx Bloomington is working to engage adults and students in real discussions about relevant topics through video.

TEDx Bloomington gathered at the Monroe County Public Library on Tuesday night for its first TEDTuesday event. These events look at various TED talks on a certain theme.

The first theme is Going Viral.

It comprises not only viral internet trends but also the sharing of ideas and how that can further discussion and education in learning.

“TED is about what makes ideas worth spreading,” Jennifer Borland, executive producer of TEDx Bloomington, said. “It’s hopefully something that will relate to people because what people get really excited about with TED is sharing ideas and something they see in a video that they can spread to even more discussion on anything they want to learn about.”

Borland volunteers with TEDx Bloomington and said the organization does events and puts out videos. She said TEDx Bloomington has been focusing on working with students.

She said the whole idea behind TEDTuesday is to add to the youth programming they’ve already been doing at the library.

She said they look at the same topic as the meeting with the adults and reflect on the videos shown to them. She said for this week’s topic they discussed what can make something go viral.

She said the group is also looking beyond Ground Floor programming. She said TEDx Bloomington is working with Bloomington North and South high schools to create a TEDx event for youths.

On Nov. 19 this group of students will have its own TEDx event — TEDx Youth at Bloomington. The event was brought about by TEDx Bloomington, but Borland said it took a backseat to let the students have the most input and organization of the event.

“We’re more of a supportive role for that, helping them to what they want to do,” Borland said. “It’s really team-driven, and we’re supporting them.”

This event, along with the TEDEd Club, are all programs Borland said she hopes will continue to take off along with the library sessions every second Tuesday of the month. Deniese Smith, a retired art teacher, said she had attended TEDx Bloomington events in the past but saw an email announcing this smaller event in the library.

“I guess in many ways I’m looking for ammunition to support the arts and to support creative approaches to just about anything,” Smith said. “I especially am intrigued by the creative aspect that’s covered in many TED talks.”

The meetings are open and free at MCPL every second Tuesday of the month. The meetings are from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

“We’ve really taken more of an approach where we’re looking to do things that meet the community’s needs,” Borland said. “We wanted to do something that provided a more regular opportunity to have that kind of dialogue and deep engagement in different 

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