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Make sure to have these apartment essentials

Getting your first apartment can seem like a big undertaking.

At first you’re in the dorms, where all you really need is a microwave and mini fridge. Then, all of a sudden, you find yourself filling an entire kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom, and you have no clue what you might need.

All of this can be overwhelming at first, but eventually you figure out what you need and the not-so-obvious things you missed.

We have the five essential items right here that may not seem so obvious but can take apartment living to the next level and make it that much easier.

Slow cooker

A slow cooker can easily take the guess work out of cooking a meal, and it can be ideal for an apartment filled with roommates.

There are thousands of recipes online, and all you even have to do is place the ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning and return later to a fully cooked meal. Slow cookers are the best appliance to add to your apartment and are reasonably priced. If you’re living alone, slow cookers are still the perfect addition. Most of the meals you cook in one are freezable for later use.


Now that you have an apartment, you can easily cook something or make something for lunch the next day, but it may need to stay cold. Once you enter college, many people leave the lunchbox concept behind. However, that is overrated.

Why spend even more money eating out in between classes when you could take something in a lunchbox the next day? Make sure you purchase some containers for packing food and an ice pack, and you’ll be good to go.

Brita water pitcher

Lugging cases of water up and down flights of stairs is not what anyone considers a day of fun. Purchase a Brita water pitcher so you can just fill it up and not have to drink the local water.

Also, Britas are much more cost effective than a case of water as a filter for the pitcher costs about $6 and lasts longer than many cases of water. With that being said, it makes them much better for the environment than wasting all that plastic.

Make sure you have a water bottle to fill up for when you’re on campus, too.

First-aid kit

Anything can happen, so you should have had one of these in your dorm, but if you didn’t, make sure you have one in your apartment.

A first-aid kit is essential for anyone living away from mom and dad because when you cut yourself, the Band-Aid fairy doesn’t come to fix you. It’s time to be prepared on your own.

Fill your first aid kit with the essentials — Band-Aids, anti-bacterial cream, icy-hot patches, thermometer, aspirin and ice packs. I also keep cold and flu and sinus medications in my first-aid kit for day and night doses because when you get sick, mom can’t just run to the drug store for you. This way you can take care of yourself on your own.

All-purpose cleaning spray

An all-purpose cleaning spray makes cleaning easy. It works on every surface and disinfects as it goes. I recommend the method brand cleaners because they have less toxic chemicals, but anything will work.

Having one cleaning spray will make everyone’s life easier and cheaper. Wipe down your counters, bathroom, toilet and dust surfaces with it, and never wonder what you will clean with again.

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