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Saturday, June 22
The Indiana Daily Student

Clinton accepts nomination during the last night of the DNC

PHILADELPHIA – Hillary Clinton officially accepted the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party- the first woman in history to do so July 28.

The night carried the theme of Clinton’s campaign slogan Stronger Together, a reference to mending party ties both with Republicans and within the Democratic Party itself.

Speakers from all minority groups focused heavily on Clinton’s inclusiveness through social advocacy.

Her only daughter Chelsea introduced her, saying her mother taught through example that, “public service is about service.”

Clinton’s daughter served the same role as former president Bill Clinton did on July 26, to give the public a more personal look into the former secretary of state’s life.

She shared anecdotes of family dinners, where she was always asked what she was learning before her political parents discussed their own work.

She told the crowd that her mother made time for her soccer practices and dance recitals and would leave her stacks of notes when she traveled for work as first lady or senator of 
New York.

Clinton’s presidential campaign has advertised her motherhood as a way to humanize her – something she herself addressed in her acceptance speech.“ I get it, some people just don’t know what to make of me,” Clinton said.

Her daughter, who joined Clinton on the campaign trail while pregnant, spoke of Clinton’s unwavering attention to her two grandchildren. Saying that she never misses an opportunity to FaceTime her granddaughter Charlotte or grandson Aiden.

The lineage of feminist women in the Rodham-Clinton family was echoed throughout the keynote speeches. Clinton spoke of her recently deceased mother’s childhood and how she taught her to be resilient against bullies, a point Clinton then used to attack Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Clinton told the crowd that Trump’s temper would be his downfall, in addition to his lack of experience.

“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons,” she said.

But for every jab she threw at Trump, Clinton backed it up with her own policies on health care, gun reform, foreign affairs and equal pay.

Clinton simultaneously picked apart Trump’s acceptance speech in which he claimed he could fix America’s issues on his own, while uniting the party under the Stronger Together stance.

She also consoled Bernie Sanders supporters, who wore glow in the dark neon T-shirts, telling them the two Democratic candidates would partner together to tackle student loans and debt.

Addressing clear divides in the political realm, Clinton told the crowd she would be a president for everyone – Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike.

She also spoke to the historic nature of her nomination, saying that the glass ceiling for women no longer existed and that the sky was the limit.

“Let our legacy be about planting a garden we will never get to see,” Clinton said.

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