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Friday, June 14
The Indiana Daily Student

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Letter: Trump opened my eyes

I must admit, I am 35 years old and have never voted. I have always believed the system is corrupt, my one vote does not count and that nothing will change. Donald Trump has opened my eyes. I have been searching for faith in humanity as each primary is held across the country.

My Social Welfare Policy class has helped me to understand the processes, given me a safe place to discuss my concerns and my fears and, more importantly, taught me how to listen to the other side, though I don’t agree.

I have listened, watched, read and discussed Trump and his supporters. I will admit listening to the other side can be very difficult. All sides are fueled with fear, passion and hope for a better future but it seems like Trump’s side also has hate.

What frightens me about Trump is the level of bigotry, racism, discrimination and oppression of Muslims, Mexicans, women, etc. I believe those who have held the power for so long is in fear of losing that power, which has incited violence and deeply rooted beliefs and ideas to surface. We thought we had progressed from racism.

I will be voting in May and in November. I hope many young people vote, because I didn’t exercise that right for many years. Voters aged 18-29 are the least represented, and my age group, 30-44, is second to least. So, those of you aged 18-44, I urge you to make history and break the historic trend of being underrepresented.

Even if Trump is not the nominee, I thank him for waking me up. I stand with Muslims. I stand with Mexicans. I stand with women. I stand with the oppressed.

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