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Monday, Dec. 4
The Indiana Daily Student

opinion letters

Letter: SB No. 35

I’ve recently learned about a bill that is waiting to be passed, Senate Bill 35.

I don’t think anyone should support it because it is simply ridiculous to monitor the restroom use of others. This bill states that it would prevent transgender people from using the same restroom as the one they identify with. So if they were to walk into the restroom that they are not biologically identified with, then they would be fined.

Why does it matter whether this person truly identifies as a man or a woman? If they mean no harm, then why should we worry? If I have to use the restroom why would I care if the person next to me who 
identifies themselves as a woman is really a woman or man? Why would I want someone who identifies themselves as a woman that looks like a woman to have to go pee in a men’s restroom because that was their given gender? It honestly comes off as a tug of war with power and 

Ever since the same-sex marriage law, it seems as if they are finding ways to pick at LGBT community in any way possible. I feel this bill is ridiculous, and I hope it is not amended. By amending this bill you are simply fining others’ restroom use of their preference.

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