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Tuesday, June 25
The Indiana Daily Student

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Letter: Pay attention to your surroundings

On Monday, March 28, I got to meet a young lady driving a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. She drove through a stop sign at 11th and Woodlawn and hit me. I was driving a Kubota. You’ve seen the orange vehicles driving all over campus. Mine had lights on and a yellow strobe light on the roof, and has a max speed of 18 mph.

She hit me in the right front wheel and passenger door, pushing me into the oncoming lane, over the curb and stopping 25 feet away on the sidewalk. It could have been much worse; I could have been flipped, pushed into oncoming traffic or hit a pedestrian standing on the sidewalk.

I’m lucky — just bruised and very sore. I have no idea why she did not see me, what she was doing or why she didn’t simply stop at a sign that has been there for years.

She said she was going to class, and since we are creatures of habit, she has probably been that way 

My point for all of this is every day I see students, staff and faculty trying to do too many things at once. Headphones, earbuds and cell phones are a major problem.

No one pays any attention to their surroundings or safety. People walk down the middle of streets instead of being on the sidewalk two feet to the left. Taking 90 degree turns with no warning off a sidewalk and straight into the road and traffic (which usually leads to me being flipped off because it’s my fault).

Let’s not forget running stop signs and stop lights (BIKES!). No one watches out for your safety like you should.

Put your stuff away, watch your surroundings and pay attention! Obey the rules of the road. No one should be in so much of a hurry they can’t slow down or stop when required. You are not that important that you can ignore the law and safety of others!

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