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Sunday, June 16
The Indiana Daily Student

opinion letters

Letter: IN Senate Bill 35

As a young Christian seeking to define my identity, I have never identified myself as an LGBT activist. I have, however, identified myself as someone who rejects mistreatment, injustice and hate.

Statistics have shown that trans individuals have a higher risk of being victimized by sexual assault, harassment and hate crimes as awful as homicide. Statistics also fail to report substantial evidence of trans individuals using their identity to harass or violate cisgender individuals in restrooms. There seems to be a FAULTY assumption that transgender is synonymous with sexual predator.

Everyone desires to be safe and ensure the safety of our loved ones, but fighting over who gets to use which room to dispose of their bodily waste is not an argument of safety, but a childish way to show disapproval of individual choices. We should not allow Indiana Senate Bill 35 to be entertained any longer.

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