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Sunday, June 16
The Indiana Daily Student

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Letter: Are they really pro-life senators?

With the passing of House Bill 1337 in the Indiana Senate, our favorite governor has proven that Indiana is not pro-woman. This bill makes it ever more difficult for women to get an abortion, now banning a woman from the service if she seeks an abortion based on the fetus’s sex, race or disability.

Additionally, women who wish to get abortions now have to jump through even more hoops, which includes a mandatory 
counseling session at least 18 hours before the procedure and the option to view an ultrasound before the procedure.

Sure, a good handful of Indiana state senators claim to be pro-life. But are they really? Do they really care about the fetus’s life outside the womb? If a fetus is born with a disability, whether it be Down Syndrome or something terminal, who’s helping the mother take care of that baby? Indiana? Nope.

Now we have women who may be financially unable to provide necessary care to children born with disabilities unable to get an abortion. Republican State Senator Vaneta Becker, R-Dist. 50, proposed a solution by adding an amendment to HB 1337 that would require the state to give assistance to these women. Reasonable, but too lofty. The amendment was defeated. The passing of HB 1337 proves that many who claim to be pro-life are in fact pro-fetus. Pro-life senators who voted for this bill seem to care about the baby as it grows in the womb, but the second it is born to a mother who isn’t ready financially, emotionally, or otherwise, the pro-life senators refuse to provide assistance to allow that baby to grow up healthy and happy. God forbid the mother goes on welfare.

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