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Thursday, April 18
The Indiana Daily Student

opinion editorial

EDITORIAL: What to do this summer

Having an internship for the summer is only half the battle.

Being able to claim it on your résumé doesn’t mean you’ve actually gained all of the education you can.

Make sure you keep your eyes open, ask questions and make connections with your supervisors.

They are there to help you gain all you can from the internship!

If you did not secure an internship for the summer, it does not mean your career development is over.

Whether you’re staying in Bloomington or going back to your hometown, you can find other avenues to build your résumé.

Getting a part-time job may not seem so great, but keeping an open mind and attentively completing your shifts could teach you more than you may think. Working in retail could be soul-sucking, but on your résumé it could be an experience in teamwork, persuasion and communication.

Every town has volunteer opportunities as well.

Animal shelters, soup kitchens and political campaigns can be great sources for skill-building and can also be emotionally 

As you make your summer plans, prepare for the possibility of Trump losing the 

With the recent announcement that Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich will team up in order to stop Donald Trump from obtaining the Republican nomination for president, Trump’s 
chances continue to 

It was going to be difficult enough, though certainly possible, for Trump to have attained the necessary amount of delegates.

But with Cruz and Kasich working together to strategically campaign in states based on which of them will perform the best, they’re likely to steal more delegates from Trump than anyone could have guessed.

Stay at least 50 miles away from Cleveland between July 18 and 21.

This is the time and place of the convention, which will show if the Cruz and Kasich strategy works. Clevelend will be the heart of the protests and violent riots that will likely result from Trump supporters after he loses.

I also wouldn’t recommend road trips through the Midwest during or after this time, as your liberal bumper stickers are likely to make you a target of Trump supporters.

No matter where your summer takes you, remember to be smart, plan ahead and try to use small words when explaining to Trump supporters that a contested convention isn’t 

If you don’t have an internship, you should focus on the other thing you love so much — your GPA.

If that GPA is just bumming you out, remember summer sessions provide a lot of opportunity to help.

Take a couple of classes, gen-eds and major ones you do not want to take and make a productive use of the 

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