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Letter: With Todd Young’s Name on the Ballot, the Race is His!

Recently, Congressman Todd Young’s Senate campaign defeated a significant challenge to his candidacy.

Despite challenges by opponents in the Democratic and Republican Parties, the Indiana Elections Commission found Young had met requirements to be on the ballot.

This was not surprising to me since Young is a former Marine, and Marines are expected to hold themselves to the highest ethical standards imaginable. Because of this, I believe we can take his word.

However I believe this event shows his opponents know Young can win, and are looking for a way to remove him from the race rather than having to face him.

During Young’s race for Representative in 2010, he beat then incumbent Baron Hill, the current candidate for Senate. Likewise, during the 2010 election, he defeated a former Congressman in the primary; so we know that he can beat elected officials as well. Since we know he can win under such circumstances, we should take it that this shows he will probably win both the primary and the general election.

This gives his opponents incentive to try to remove him from the ballot to make their potential elections easier. Nevertheless, Young is a former marine, which shows he’s a fighter and can take whatever his opponents throw at him. He made it through the ballot challenges, he will make it through the primary and he will make it through the general 

I look forward to Young becoming our state’s next Senator, and to the coming election.

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