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Saturday, March 2
The Indiana Daily Student


Brick House fosters emo, screamo


Local musician Nick Pinder said he’s been listening to Frameworks since the band released its first EP. In a few days, he won’t need headphones to do so.

The screamo band from Gainesville, Florida, is set to perform in his basement.

Frameworks heads a bill of local and touring bands that will perform Thursday at Pinder’s home, known as the Brick House to Bloomington show-goers. Pinder the Brick House has developed a reputation for its screamo shows.

“I feel like it’s just our place that does it,” he said.

Pinder plays guitar in local band Whale Bones and screamo group House Olympics. Both regularly perform at the house, and House Olympics will do so again 

Indianapolis band WOUNDED KNEE is also on Thursday’s bill. Its vocalist, Jake Armhein, said his group’s genre is often 

“You say that and people get this image of, like, early 2000s screamo,” he said.

In reality, hardcore guitars, screaming and emotional vocals characterize the bands common to the genre, 
he said.

Amrhein said WOUNDED KNEE frequents Bloomington because of the reception it’s had at venues like the Brick House.

“The screamo, emo thing has really taken off in Bloomington more so than in Indianapolis,” he said. “It’s something that I’ve definitely noticed within the last year and a half.”

Pinder said he doesn’t want to pigeonhole the Brick House into the screamo genre.

The house has played host to a wide variety of music in the past.

“I’m 100 percent comfortable with anyone wanting to play here if they want to,” he said. “This is more like a house to play music rather than just a house to play emo, screamo.”

He said the reason the house has hosted so many emo and screamo shows is because of the music tastes of the people who 
book them.

He and his bandmates are behind most of the 

Members of House Olympics follow a lot of their favorite groups on social media.

Pinder said they pounce on opportunities to host the ones traveling through the Midwest and round out the lineups with similarly inclined local and regional bands.

The Frameworks show is a prime example. The band is traveling from its home base of Florida to a gig in Chicago on Friday, so House Olympics offered up the Brick House show in between.

“Being able to do that in my house is just kind of unreal,” he said.

Pinder said booking and playing shows has become a hobby.

“If I wasn’t throwing shows or playing music, I feel like I’d be sitting at home or sitting at, you know, a coffee shop trying to think of what to do, more often than not,” he said.

Amrhein said this knack for tracking down quality musicians is what brings WOUNDED KNEE back to the Brick House time and time again.

“To be honest, they just keep booking great bands,” he said.

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