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Saturday, June 22
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EDITORIAL: Outside Gentlemen's Quarterly

This is not the Amy Schumer cover we were looking for, but we sure are glad we found it.

Princess Amy

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about comedy’s latest it girl, Amy Schumer. She’s been praised for her innovative hilarity, shunned for her brazen stories of sexual escapades, but most of all she’s been laughed at because that’s what 
she does best.

Unfortunately, Schumer has received mixed reviews on her “Star Wars” themed GQ feature in the August comedy issue. The magazine used the Amy-Schumer-is-the-funniest-woman-in-the-galaxy gimmick. Although her shoot was out-of-this-world, featuring guest appearances from C-3PO, R2-D2 and a chorus line of Storm Troopers, it made us a tad bit confused.

Lucasfilm and step-parent company Disney called the photoshoot as “racy,” “sexualized” and “distasteful” — after all, we all know the only person allowed to tarnish the legacy of the “Star Wars” franchise is George Lucas.

They immediately disassociated themselves from the spread and posted on Twitter that they did not approve of their characters being used in a promiscuous manner, i.e. Schumer sucking the finger of C-3PO while clad in a 
Princess Leia bikini.

In all actuality, the shoot is fresh. Schumer is neither a model nor Beyoncé, and she’s gaining her levels of praise not for her body, but because of what 
she’s saying.

Her comedy makes sex funny, which let’s be real, besides sex farts it isn’t necessarily 
an easy feat.

Not only is she an intelligent and upbeat comedian, she’s also a writer. And among the Editorial Board we love that stuff, duh.

GQ asked Schumer to take a shot at her writing skills on a faux cover and though her ideas shouldn’t be seen on a magazine rack at CVS, her lines were entertainingly inappropriate.

Our personal favorites were “How to J.O. in front of your P.O.: Tales from the clink,” and “Hoes in different area codes: The real man’s guide to gardening.”

Beyond writing those fantastic fake inside story teases, she also wrote her film debut, “Trainwreck,” directed by Judd Apatow. Schumer plays a lost 30-something journalist, proving that she can predict our futures as well. Is it sorcery? Or is “That’s So Amy” going to be her next TV show?

The title of her movie is great in part due to the low level of expectation she gives the audience. Essentially, no one can criticize her film because what’s worse than a train wreck? Maybe a hang glider crashing into a seagull, but we digress. Schumer is essentially telling everyone, “Hey! Go see my shit movie! And pay me your shit money for it!”

When interviewing for her GQ cover spread, she was asked, “Why’d you write a rom-com?” Her response? “I’ve always loved rom-coms. They just leave you feeling really good and hopeful. No I’m just kidding, I knew Judd (Apatow) would make a rom-com, and 
I love money.”

Now that’s a true businesswoman who’s not afraid to show her balls. She should be teaching a class or two over at Kelley. After all, she did receive a Peabody Award (so fancy) and was featured in Time’s 100 Most Influential People. That’s some suit and tie 
stuff right there.

She’s clearly doing something right because her TV series, “Inside Amy Schumer,” recently landed her four Emmy nominations. According to Entertainment Weekly, upon hearing word of her nominations, Schumer said she felt like she had the best 
orgasm ever.

She is unapologetically herself, and we’ve come to the conclusion that for whatever reason — be it her zero-cares attitude or her fresh liveliness — the force is strong with 
Amy Schumer.

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