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Thursday, June 13
The Indiana Daily Student

Former IU faculty member arrested on child pornography charges

Jon Riveire

Former IU faculty member Jon Riveire, 32, was arrested Tuesday on the preliminary charge of possession of child pornography, according to a Bloomington Police Department press release.

Riveire was an assistant director for student conduct in the Office of Student Ethics, but IU terminated his employment upon charges being made by BPD Wednesday May 13 Associate Vice President of Public Affairs Mark Land said.

BPD received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that an image that may be considered child pornography was uploaded to a Gmail account. The tip also included an IP address of an IU-issued computer., according to the release.

On the computer, BPD found a photo depicting sexual activity between an adult man and a girl between the ages of 3 and 5, BPD Capt. Joe Qualters confirmed in an email.

BPD then obtained a court order to find the actual location of the person associated with the IP address on campus. The IP address led police to Riveire at his office at 801 N. Jordan Ave. , according to the release.

BPD officers took Riveire into custody Tuesday and transported him to their office for an interview. As the interview began, Riveire requested a lawyer and didn’t answer any questions.

Police seized his computer and so far have found 30 additional images of child pornography, according to the release.

Police seized his personal cell phone and an iPad and are still investigating both.

In his job as assistant director for student conduct, Riveire’s main responsibility was to hear cases of student misconduct in residence halls, Land said.

Riveire had been with IU since 2007 and with the Office of Student Ethics since 2011.

“These allegations, if they are true, are deeply disturbing and very disappointing,” Land said. “We are going to continue to cooperate with authorities in any way we can on this issue.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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