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Sunday, June 16
The Indiana Daily Student


Column: Fresh lessons

Two semesters down and some advice in the pocket

Two semesters down and some advice in the pocket

It seems like just yesterday I was unloading my car at Foster Quad, debating where to hang my wall tapestry and trying to figure out where in the world Woodburn Hall was. I didn’t know anyone, and for the first time I was entirely on my own.

It’s unreal to think that a full academic year has passed since that day, filled with new friends, experiences and lessons learned. College is a time for self-improvement and maturing, and that’s exactly what has happened this past year. Here are a few valuable bits of information I’ve come to know that will definitely stick with me through the rest of college:

First, your GPA doesn’t reflect you as a person. You can spend days studying for an exam and still end up doing poorly. Sure, that’s discouraging, but it’s the effort you put forward and the information you took away that make all the difference. In the end, no one cares about what your GPA is or what you got in finite, but instead they’ll notice how you benefited from the classes you took and how you overcame failure to improve for the future.

Second, the Freshman 15 can be avoided if you put your mind to it. Although Pizza X at 3 a.m. sounds good every single time it’s brought up, it’s obviously not good for your body or your wallet. The Student Recreational Sports Center is one of my personal favorite places on campus, and it provides many options for both individual and group workouts. Finding time in the day to work out is hard for many people, but even a half hour of exercise is more beneficial than no exercise. If you’re looking to avoid the weight gain even with the occasional Pizza X splurge, the SRSC is definitely the place to start.

Third, no one can determine your self-worth but you. It’s easy to let people influence you to act certain ways or do certain things, especially in a place like college. However, how you feel about yourself as an individual should not be swayed as easily. Whether it is lack of attention from a certain guy or girl getting you down once in a while or feeling like you don’t measure up in your classes, remind yourself that you are good enough. This mindset will help you to overcome even the hardest of challenges and set you on the path for success.

Fourth, you are never alone. Going to a Big Ten university on your own can be a daunting experience, but whether you’re a member of a greek organization, other clubs or simply attending classes, you’re a part of the Hoosier family. This community stands by one another regardless of background or interests. At IU, you’re never far from someone that genuinely cares about how your day went or if you’re doing alright.

I thank freshman year for the memories and life lessons that I will take with me, and I have nothing but anticipation for the rest of my career here in Bloomington.

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