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Sunday, June 16
The Indiana Daily Student

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Letter to the editor: Disappointment in bloomington behavior

This past Friday evening I was out with my partner at a local restaurant located next to a house that is known to be a hotspot for student parties. I noticed a family with their elementary-aged daughter sitting outside, unfortunately in the section closest to this house, which was having a party that evening.

I had a hard time enjoying my dinner because I was so worried about what that young girl might overhear as the partiers yelled into a microphone and was also embarrassed that this might be one of the first impressions students of my alma mater might leave with this young girl about what IU, or college for that matter, is all about.

As an IU alum, almost 10-year IU employee and resident of Bloomington, I am disappointed. It was because of IU that I came here, that I stayed here and that I am so proud to call Bloomington my home.

I want others to feel the same way. I want the parents of that girl to be proud to send their daughter to IU someday.

I imagine that the students at that house love IU as much as I do and want others to be proud of this University. So, if you are partying around Kirkwood, at a tailgate or on the front lawn of your house, please be aware that future Hoosiers are all around! I really believe that Hoosiers can party in a way that shows care and concern for our friends and respect for our neighbors.

As we left the restaurant that night, someone from the party yelled out at me “Show me your t*ts!” 3 times in a row. I cringed and hoped that little girl within earshot of the party didn’t hear him. Thank God I didn’t have my 2-year-old with me.

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