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Sunday, May 19
The Indiana Daily Student


Is that your grandma’s coat?: Vintage doesn’t have to mean outdated

There is something to be said for taking something that appears old and worn and transforming it into something completely new, original and beautiful.

While I love riding boots and leggings as much as the next girl, I challenge you to throw something different into your wardrobe this season.

When people think of vintage, I have a feeling that a vast majority of them envision wearing their grandmother’s dowdy dress and garments that smell like they’ve been tucked away in a musty closet for years.

While this might be the case for some, most of the time that’s not the reality.

Last summer I bought a lace top from a vintage store in Los Angeles that had huge, tacky, 1990s sleeves. I mean, these things were big.

While most of my friends probably would have stared at me in disbelief, I saw an opportunity to take something that was a little outdated and create something fresh and original.

I ripped out the seams of the sleeves, removed them and voilà! I had a new, elegant lace top to wear on nice occasions, and I guarantee that no one else has it.

Living in what I consider to be a very eclectic college town, the good news is that there are quite a few vintage hot spots around.

Although there are more than I can fit into such a brief synopsis, I have gathered a list of a few of my favorites to get you started.

Cactus Flower

Perhaps the biggest draw with Cactus Flower is that they have a wide selection of both new and vintage items, with a clear divide between the two.

The vintage are upstairs and the new are downstairs. After selecting some basics from the lower portion of the store, try taking them upstairs and incorporating vintage accents for a more striking ?ensemble.

Many of their newer items are reminiscent of pieces one might find in an Anthropologie, Free People or Urban Outfitters.

A.Z. Vintage

Although it is smaller in size and a little father off from the main drag of Kirkwood than some of the other vintage stores in town, A.Z. Vintage offers a wide variety of items, including home goods, fashion and accessories.

One of my favorite parts of the store is that it carries items unique to Bloomington and other novelties.

“I buy what I like,” A.Z. Vintage owner Alison Zook said. “Whatever catches my eye, I put in the store, but I am very discerning in the process. I will travel as far as I need to in order to find what I’m looking for. I work really hard to make sure my merchandise is affordable and accessible to everyone.”

Vintage Wearhouse

As the fall season will soon be upon us, so will the season of theme and costume parties with Halloween approaching.

Vintage Wearhouse carries vintage garments. However, unlike some of its vintage competitors, it throws costumes into the mix as well.

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