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Thursday, June 20
The Indiana Daily Student

The era of the legging

I stumble out of bed on a Monday morning and groggily glance at the clock on my bedside table. I am late for class. Again.

I rummage through my drawers and yank out the first semi-clean shirt I can find and grab my favorite pair of black leggings off the floor next to my over-worn flip-flops. Boots if it’s fall.

This is the outfit of disaster, people. Or, should I say, ladies. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic but it seems that the young women of America love wearing their leggings a little too much.

This is an American problem. While spending this summer abroad in the south of France, I did not spot a single French man, woman or canine sporting a pair of leggings — not a single being (besides my fellow Americans, of course).

Upon arrival at the Charles de Gaulle airport just outside Paris, I made this shocking realization. I was the slobby one. While sporting a pair of leggings, I made my way around, slowly realizing that not only was I a foreigner, I was an outcast, a fashion abomination.

My astonishment became even more real as I walked through the streets of fashionable Paris. Once settled in my closet-sized hotel room, I immediately corrected my ways. I discarded my leggings onto the floor and swapped them for a floral-print sundress.


Yes, leggings are “soooo comfy.” And yes, some days a tight pair of blue jeans is just not going to happen. But we’ve gotten too comfortable looking like we just rolled out of bed.

I’ll say it bluntly. America, we look like slobs. Sure we’re practically dressed for class. But when we finally graduate college and enter the real world, one without red solo cups and tailgates, we must also relinquish our leggings.

Business students can probably already relate. We have to look our best when it comes to job interviews and impressing our boss. Making a good impression is crucial.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love wearing my favorite pair of black leggings as much as the next 20-something-year-old. But when it becomes an everyday occurrence, then it becomes an issue. It doesn’t look great. It’s also kind of tiresome to witness.

I’m not saying all college women should trash their leggings and never wear them ever again. I’m just saying we should re-evaluate the occasions for which they are appropriate. Save leggings for that dreadful 8 a.m. discussion class on Fridays, not dinner with the parents.

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