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Monday, March 4
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Rosanne Cash to begin, ‘Memphis’ to end 2014-15 performances at IU Auditorium

The “Jersey Boys,” Jay Leno and Straight No Chaser are among 15 shows coming to IU Auditorium for the upcoming 2014-2015 season.

According to a press release from IU Auditorium, the season will begin with Rosanne Cash on Sept. 25 and continue through April 2015, ending with the Broadway musical “Memphis.”

Senior Amanda Kight said she anticipates a good season.

“That’s the most appealing lineup I’ve seen in a while,” she said.

Maria Talbert, IU Auditorium’s associate director, said in an email that the IU Auditorium is thrilled for the upcoming season.

“We have a lot of productions on the schedule that have never before played IU Auditorium,” she said. “Plus, to have a week’s worth of performances of the amazing Broadway hit Jersey Boys is definitely something to be excited about.”

Bloomington will play host to an especially star-studded performance list. Within the upcoming 15 shows, a variety of talent will be showcased.

Whether it is comedy, classical music, musicals or acrobatics, a sampler of performing arts will be highlighted for students and community members to choose from.

Talbert said it is part of the auditorium’s mission to keep each season diverse through the amount of talent that is brought in.

“To best serve our community, we feel it is integral to present selections that not only appeal to a wide variety of tastes, but allow access to artists and culturally-significant ensembles that the Bloomington and IU communities might not otherwise have the chance to be exposed to,” she said.

More importantly, she pointed out the benefits of having these performers brought in to campus.

“Bringing in world-class artists and entertainers is one of IU Auditorium’s special perks,” she said.

“It is inspiring to work alongside those that are recognized for the excellence of their craft. Plus, we often have the opportunity to collaborate with the artists to provide learning opportunities for IU students and members of the Bloomington community.”

Talbert said a lot of work went into planning the 2014-2015 season.

“We always start with a yearly survey of our audiences to get a feel for the titles and genres that our patrons most want,” she said.“Then we start researching available artists and shows.”

There are many acts that the auditorium seeks out directly, Talbert noted, but there are others that reach out to them.

Tickets for the shows range from about $20 to $40 for students and $30 to $60 for the general public, depending on the prestige of the show.

Talbert advises students not to wait if they want to buy tickets.

Everything is available on the IU Auditorium website, she said.

Tickets can be paid for through students’ Bursar accounts.

“We want all IU students to have access to the best possible seats for the shows they want to see,” Talbert said. “So we encourage students to order their tickets before they leave for the

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