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Wednesday, Oct. 4
The Indiana Daily Student


New RHA executives to take office today

The new Residence Halls Association executive board will take office today.
In early March, students across campus elected a new president, vice
president of internal affairs, vice president of programming and vice president of
student affairs.

Stephanie Corona, incoming RHA President, said she thinks coming into the new roles should be a smooth transition.

“It is very much a hit-the-ground-running situation,” she said. “We are jumping right into directorship selection, planning summer training and ushering in next year’s center

The first change they will make as a group is setting aside an hour each week to meet as a board, Corona said.

She said she hopes this will allow them to stay on the same page and work out any issues they have as a team.

With the new executive board comes new members of RHA. Corona said they will catch them up on RHA policies and duties.

The other members of the executive board must also appoint directors.

Mark Wise, VP of internal affairs, said the goal is to make these new members feel comfortable as a part of RHA.

“Once our members begin to feel the heartbeat of RHA, there is truly no limit to what we will accomplish,” he said.

Each vice president has plans for change within their committee that they hope will not only form a more cohesive unit within the organization, but ultimately serve the IU
student body.

“I would like to see RHA develop an identity across campus,” VP of Student
Affairs Lexie Heinemann said.

“The executive team for the upcoming year together holds a strong belief RHA has made progress in expanding our name, but now we need to really deepen our connections to the centers and other student organizations to bring our presence on campus out more with this upcoming year.”

Heinemann said the number one change she hopes to make is expanding RHA digitally across campus.

“I plan on creating a YouTube page to film and profile events so that students will not have to wonder what it is that RHA does but rather they can see it with their own eyes and at their convenience,” she said.

Megan Vanpelt, the VP of programming, said before any further large-scale programs can be planned she will ensure she has a stable group of leaders.

She said she wants to create a sense of family within the programming board.

“Yes, we will still be putting on great programs,” Vanpelt said. “However, this coming year I plan on having a more set schedule for programs so students know what they will be working on when.”

Corona said the new media strategy, as well as holding a conference for the RHA in-center leaders, will help build a network of common goals for RHA as a whole.

“I want to continue to build relationships between RHA and the rest of campus, the groundwork of which was laid by the previous administration,” she said. “We really invest in our people, and having that positive energy really propels us through the year to accomplish our goals.”

With each new year, the organization rebuilds from the inside out.

Corona said she believes in the past year they were successful in getting RHA’s name out to students.

Now, they hope students begin to see what RHA really does for them, Heinemann said.

“RHA makes changes here or there to adapt to the always-developing needs of the students because each year is different than the last,” she said. “Our
executive team realizes that change is a good thing and that the students are who we serve.”

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