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Monday, May 27
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Corman speaks at IU Cinema about 40 years of filmmaking

Academy Award-winning producer Roger Corman made an appearance Friday in the IU Cinema.

He shared his knowledge of the filmmaking industry as part of the Jorgensen Guest Filmmaker Lecture Series.

Graduate assistant David Church lead an interview with Corman, discussing his more than 40 years of filmmaking experience.

Department of Communication and Culture faculty member Susanne Schwibs said she believes students need to gain perspective about various directing styles to grow in the craft.

“I think the most important thing for students is gaining insight on how different directors think and their artistic perspective,” she said. “Everyone is different in how they think and what they believe film should do, and this will give students an opportunity to get a close-up look as to how Corman does so.”

Corman was the youngest filmmaker to receive a retrospective at the Cinematheque Française, British Film Institute and the Museum of Modern Art. Some of his well-known works include “The Little Shop of Horrors,” “House of Usher,” “The Terror” and “Death Race.”

He has inspired and mentored film directors, including Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard and Jonathan Demme. Corman also helped to make actors Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda household names.

Prior to his lecture in the cinema, Corman taught a master class to students.

IU Cinema Director Jon Vickers helps decide what guest speakers to bring to the cinema throughout the year.

“We look to bring in a diverse group of professionals, from directors to producers to actors,” Vickers said. “We look for reputable folks that have made their mark on the industry or are making their mark. In Corman’s case, he is an icon for independent films, having produced over 400 films and receiving a lifetime achievement Oscar.”

The cinema has provided students with many opportunities to meet and hear from professionals in the business, but Vickers said Corman is one who will be especially influential.

“He shot ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’ with Jack Nicholson in two days,” Vickers said. “He is a frugal, efficient filmmaker not afraid to take on anything, regardless of budget.”

Lauren Saxe

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