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Sunday, Feb. 25
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IUB college completion rates exceed state average

IU-Bloomington has the highest on-time completion rate and the highest total student completion rate of all colleges in Indiana, according to the College Completion Rates for Indiana report released Feb. 18.

Sophomore Emma Hamann, a student at IU, said she believes it is important to graduate on time.

She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, and said she will take summer classes in order to graduate on time.

“I think it’s important because people need to start their actual careers and not continue to go into more debt,” she said.

Dennis Groth, interim vice provost for undergraduate education, said the University’s goal is on-time degree completion for all students.

He said the University always looks for new ways to reach this goal and improve overall student success.

Overall, only 30 percent of students finish their four-year degree on time, and only 50 percent finish the degree in six years.

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education implemented new programs and financial incentives to achieve its goal of 50 percent on-time completion rates.

Right now, on-time completion is the exception in Indiana rather than the norm. Only 32.6 percent of Ball State students and 37.6 percent of Purdue students graduate on time.

Hamann said she thinks the low amount of students graduating in four years is because some students aren’t prepared for college or its requirements.

“There is a large amount of required classes, a lot of people change their majors and other students decide college isn’t for them or start their careers without a degree,” Hamann said.

At IU, about 50 percent of students complete their four-year degree on time, according to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education report.

“Each student case is potentially unique, and completion time frames are within their control,” Groth said. “Students may stay longer in order to complete a second degree, or even a graduate degree.”

About 24.5 percent of students complete their degree late, and 9 percent transfer or complete college with another degree.

Hamann said there is a strong support system at IU, including professors and academic advisors, which she thinks helps students graduate on time.

“There are also a lot of summer school classes offered at IU and we have great peer tutoring,” she said.

Groth recommended that in addition to speaking with advisors, students can check their Academic Advising Reports to stay on track.

“We are committed at IUB to student success,” he said.

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