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Monday, May 27
The Indiana Daily Student


County, Bloomington schools get an A

The Indiana Department of Education released A-F school corporation accountability grades today after a vote this morning by the State Board of Education.

Both school corporations in Monroe County received passing grades for this year.

The Monroe County Community School Corporation maintained an A grade for 2013, as determined by the Indiana Department of Education.

MCCSC also received an A in 2012.

The school corporation improved in points awarded by the Board of Education, receiving a score of 4 out of 4 possible points for 2013, up from 3.9 in 2012.

Grades were finalized for the 289 Indiana school districts after individual school grades were released in December.

Twelve MCCSC schools received A’s, five received C’s, one a B and two F’s. No school received a D.

Ninety-four school districts in Indiana received A’s, 82 received B’s, 91 received C’s, 18 received D’s and four received F’s.

In 2012, 93 schools received A’s, 57 received B’s, 107 received C’s, 25 received D’s and six received F’s.

Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation, the school district covering the towns of Ellettsville and Stinesville in Monroe County, received a B and a score of 3.11 — up from a score of 2.76 and a C in 2012.

The lowest grade received by any school corporation in Indiana in 2013 was a .15.
The lowest grade received by a corporation in 2012 was .24.

Grades were made available to the public after a vote Wednesday morning by the Indiana State Board of Education.

— Sydney Murray 

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