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Tuesday, June 18
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IU-Northwest discrimination case heard

IU-Northwest Gary assistant professor Anne Balay presented her case to the IUN Federal Board of Review Wednesday at the IUN campus library, claiming discrimination in the IUN tenure process based on her gender and sexual orientation.

The four-hour hearing ended at 1:30 p.m., Balay’s lawyer Roy Dominguez said.
The FBR heard statements from Balay and the IUN administrators.

Balay claimed the University denied her tenure and promotion this month, resulting in her termination, because she is a woman and gay.

Dominguez said Balay applied for tenure and promotion to associate professor in fall 2012. Her department chair and dean rejected two different unanimous recommendations to grant her tenure and promotion.

The FBR has received both parties’ documents and will deliberate the case, Dominguez said. The board has 30 days to reach a decision.

— Hannah Alani

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