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Thirty candidates enter Union Board election

Thirty candidates are running for Union Board director positions in this year’s Union Board elections. Polling begins at 8 p.m. Nov. 19, and ends at 8 p.m. Nov. 20.

Students may vote online starting Tuesday or at a polling booth located in the Indiana Memorial Union East Lounge Wednesday.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order below, with their year, major and excerpts from their personal statement explaining why they want to be a Union Board director.

Jacqueline Bales

Sophomore majoring in non-profit management

“If elected, I will help increase the amount of programs that Union Board puts on each semester. With this increase, I hope to bring more events that are relevant to student interests. Additionally, I would like to execute more consistent events.”

Brett Bassock

Junior majoring in entertainment industry and music business

“I understand that each student on this campus has a different idea of what college means to them, so ultimately I would work with the students as well as the faculty and staff to preserve the values and morals that IU has been built on.”

Kellie Boberek
Sophomore majoring in sports marketing and management

“By listening to what the student body wants, the board will be able to bring in relevant and diverse speakers, concerts, movies and more to IU. I want the Union Board to have more activities, and events that cater to the needs of every student on campus. By making this the best board, we will be making this the best year at IU anyone has seen.”

Jeron Braxton

Freshman majoring in informatics

“Art is my passion and I want to direct unforgettable exhibitions of artistic valor. The events I will plan will enhance students’ overall experience at Indiana University and expand their perspective on the world by stimulating their imaginations.”

Marissa Buffo
Freshman majoring in accounting and finance

“I believe the role of Union Board is to provide events to broaden the perspectives of the student body, to offer deeper insight into current issues, to provide alternative forms of entertainment, and to cultivate an understanding among the varied perspectives of students.”

Samantha Farley
Sophomore majoring in tourism, hospitality and event management

“For the upcoming semester I want to plan a fan bus to go to an away basketball game, as well as a Winter Olympics mini series filled with fun games and prizes to get in the spirit of the Olympic games. I also want to focus on 24 sports 1 team, as a way to create camaraderie and increase attendance at all the sporting events throughout IU.”

Adam Fialkowski
Freshman majoring in business

“Union Board offers a variety of cool events for the student body from concerts to lectures from famous guest speakers. I would like to make these events as large and fun as possible for student participants and enhance the student experience at Indiana University both around campus and in the union itself.”

Connor Foy

Junior majoring in communication and culture

“As a Union Board director, I want to make sure that the entire student body knows who we are. I want to throw events that get students involved in things they care about, and things they would have a great time taking part in.”

Jackie Gauthier
Junior majoring in accounting and finance

“I want to continue taking steps to move the Board forward and become more recognizable to the student body ... It is Union Board’s responsibility to promote diversity, interact with other student organizations, and connect the students of Indiana University.”

Stephon Gilder

Freshman majoring in Anthropology

“My goals for Union Board Director are to increase promotion of the Union Board so more people are informed and involved ... I also want to improve the student college experience by: programming events that are fun, entertaining, educational, thought provoking and relevant.”

Amanda Gilmour
Junior majoring in journalism and communication and culture

“Union Board is an organization comprised of individuals that feel passionately about serving the student body, and I hope to continue the dedication and enthusiasm expressed by current and past directors. I want to be able to use my skills as a journalism student in public relations and advertising to really get the Union Board name out there.”

Jason Gross

Sophomore majoring in business

“When quality work gets done, better events become planned. When better events are planned, overall student experience is enhanced. And when students’ experiences are enhanced, we pat ourselves on the shoulder and move on to the next event.”

Matthew Hobson
Sophomore majoring in political science and economics

“I would make access to the Union Board or myself more open. I believe the student body should have a simple way to connect with the Board, whether it’s through surveys, crowd sourcing, or meeting with us at informational sessions with absolutely tons of free food.”

Juan Jaramillo
Sophomore majoring in neuroscience

“I seek to help every student grow into a productive and balanced member of the student body and of society at large. I take seriously the ideas of community and of individuality and seek to see Indiana University strive towards excellence as well as fun which are not separate.”

Kevin Kenes
Sophomore majoring in supply chain management and marketing

“I want to make Union Board known. People should be aware of this organization and all it does for the Indiana University community ... I want students at IU to get the most out of ‘the best years of our life.’”

Marissa Martinez
Sophomore majoring in legal studies and communication and culture

“I hope to advertise and increase the size of the participants and let our voices be heard. Leading and listening to all ideas and opinions will be my goal. Every perspective is just another way to help better ourselves, constructively.”

Astrid Mejia

Freshman majoring in art management

“(A) goal I have is to have Union Board plan more cultural events. Culture centers are a big resource students have here on campus and I plan to create events that Union Board could partner up with them with.”

DeAnthony Nelson

Freshman majoring in dietetics

“I want all students on campus to be involved with Union Board in some kind of way. I will make diverse programs that attract a variety of students such as educational, fun, and cultural events. I would serve as a voice for the students and make sure everyone is heard.”

Lexy Parrill

Junior majoring in history

“My ultimate goal for the 105th Union Board is to program events that create a greater sense of community within the entire IU campus, and also within the Union Board organization ... Union Board is fortunate to have many resources and it is our responsibility to use those resources to reach as many students as possible and to facilitate healthy change within the IMU and the entire campus.”

Reid Ralston

Sophomore majoring in sociology and communication and culture

“I look forward to utilizing the Union Board’s resources to bring exciting, refreshing, and entertaining programs directly to the student body! By serving the student body in this way, we can set the stage to address major social and international issues or even take a study break to enjoy Oscar-nominated films.”

Laura Schulte

Sophomore majoring in journalism

“I plan to raise awareness of the Board by planning and implementing events and programs that reflect students’ ideas and opinions. I will budget and use money efficiently, and work closely alongside the new Board of Directors to improve Union Board as a whole.”

Mitchell Sigmund
Freshman majoring in Italian and English

“I want to create a more involved Union Board which accurately reflects the wants and needs of the students here at Indiana University and creates fun, repeating, activities which involve all students ... As a director I will create more activities and opportunities for students to really take advantage of all the great things the IU campus has to offer.”

Greta Smith
Sophomore majoring in international studies and French

“I will strive to have an enthusiastic team, guiding students in their search for a niche on campus by providing ways to get involved in this organization…It is extremely important to make everyone feel welcome. I will listen to members’ opinions and ideas of how they want to be involved in the committee.

Matthew Sowell
Sophomore majoring in political science and economics

“I will draw upon my experience of holding office in a multitude of student organizations, and working in management, to facilitate my role as Union Board Director. During my year in office I would be a unified voice for the student body, ensure innovative new projects, and increase student involvement.”

Victoria Stevens
Junior majoring in journalism

“My mission is to extend that experience to a larger portion of students who want to help make a difference on campus. I also believe that Union Board has the responsibility to reach students with all types of interests, and maintaining diversity in the board’s programs will ensure that every student has a chance to get involved.”

Darian Swain
Freshman majoring in human biology

“I will act as an advocate in order to represent the views of all the students. As a director, I will collaborate with my team to bring the ideas of the student body to life.”

Kristina Swafford
Freshman and exploratory major

“If elected as a Director on the Union Board I will make it my priority to bring the hottest artists and music festivals, diverse speakers and events that will make your college experience at Indiana University better than any other institution in the world.”

Brett Szafasz

Sophomore majoring in economics

“I want to be the type of leader that leads by example and not just through delegation. With this being said, I understand the role of delegation of tasks within committees. Evenly distributing work and assisting in any problems that my committee may have will be top priority for me as a director.”

Paul Yoon

Freshman majoring in marketing

“My experiences leading musical performance groups and student government organizations allow me to understand perspectives of both event performing and planning. As a director, I will make myself available to the best of my abilities so that UB’s projects are relevant to the students.”

Michael Zak

Sophomore majoring in informatics and economics

“My job would be to voice my thoughts about different programming areas and activities that I believe would be most interesting and fun for the student body to participate in ... Much of the student body is not aware that Union Board exists. I plan to change this by making students more aware and increasing Union Board’s presence among campus.”

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