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Wednesday, June 19
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MCCSC to offer high school options

Middle school students will start enrolling for high school in January.

A new aspect students will have to consider at Monroe County Community Schools is which high school they’d like to attend.

MCCSC officials said they want students to understand they have many options going into high school next year.

“The opportunities that abound in our schools are unparalleled and empower students to meet the demands of an ever-changing, technology-rich workforce,” Superintendent Judith DeMuth said in a statement.

While students are still filtered to Bloomington North or South, they can also attend the Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship, Hoosier Hills Career Center or the Bloomington Graduation School.

Director of Secondary Education Janice Bergeson said that while students have options when choosing high schools, it is not a free-for-all.

“It’s the same program that it’s always been,” Bergeson said. “You can’t just go wherever you want.”

Students cannot change which high school they are designated. However, they do have other options.

“Students from Jackson Creek can go to South or Academy, while those from Tri-North go to North or Academy,” Bergeson said. “Batchelor is split about half and half.”

The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship is the new manifestation of New Tech High School, focused on technology learning and career readiness. It features four career pathways: information technology; business and entrepreneurship; science, technology, engineering and mathematics and biotechnology.

“This is the first year with the focus on the four career pathways,” Bergeson said. “We have a freshman class of about 20 and are hoping to grow it next year.”

The Hoosier Hills Career Center is based in an auxiliary building of Bloomington North and offers courses in career development, mostly in hands-on skill classes. Students attend their regular high school for half a day, and the career center for half a day.

The Bloomington Graduation School is focused on students who have overcome extraordinary challenges and are determined to graduate.

DeMuth said students have many ways to approach high school.

“I encourage our parents and students to research, read and explore the strengths of each of our campuses,” DeMuth said. “Each family and student can choose their high school experience and shape their future.”

Bergeson said she wants students to know the possibilities.

“We just want to make sure students know all of their options,” she said.

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