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Friday, June 14
The Indiana Daily Student

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Girl reports sexual assault in apartment

A 17-year-old girl reported to police she was sexually assaulted after she and her 16-year-old female friend stayed the night at a 20-year-old male acquaintance’s apartment.

The 17-year-old initially reported the incident to her school counselor. Child Protective Services was also contacted, and the case remains active.

The victim and her friend went to an apartment complex on the city’s east side Saturday, and when they awoke early Sunday, the male acquaintance had left the

 He later returned with tree male acquaintances, who all appeared intoxicated, Bloomington Police Department Sgt. Joe Crider said.

The 17-year-old said she did not know the three males by name.

She said one of the men showed her and her friend his genitalia. She also said one of the males grabbed her hand and tried to put it near his genitalia, but she pulled away.

The 17-year-old reported she attempted to leave the apartment, but two of the men stopped her and pushed her up against the door frame and prevented her from moving.

The 17-year-old yelled for her friend, but the friend did not want to leave the apartment. The victim was able to push the men away and walk out the front door.

The 17-year-old left the apartment on foot and went to a relative’s house. An older relative then accompanied the 17-year-old back to the apartment to retrieve the 16-year-old, who left with them.

— Sydney Murray

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