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Saturday, March 2
The Indiana Daily Student

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Price is Right comes to IU

Get ready to “come on down” to the IU Auditorium tonight, because “The Price Is Right” is live, it’s on tour and it’s here.

Daniel Hampel, who was instrumental in bringing “The Price Is Right” to the Auditorium, said the event is exactly like you’d see it on television, sans Drew Carey as the host.

It’s the same Hollywood producers creating the same game show atmosphere, Hampel said.

“They actually make you feel like you’re on a TV show,” Hampel said.

He said before the show begins, a video is shown and comical instructions are given on things like how not to walk down the aisle as if the contestants were really going to be taped for live television.

Anyone who holds a ticket and registers for the show can possibly be drawn as a contestant, Hampel said.

The only qualifications for registration are that you hold a ticket and are 18 or older.
Registration begins at 4:30 p.m. today.

Of the audience members who register, 50 names will be drawn for possible prizes during the show.

Some will be consolation prizes, Hampel said, but six or seven others will be given opportunities to win big cash prizes, vacations, electronics and “maybe even a car.”

“I’ve never seen anybody, even if they didn’t win anything, leave the show who didn’t have a smile on their face,” Hampel said.

Pat Finn, who “Seinfeld” fans will recognize as secondary character Joe Mayo, will host the show.

Hampel said the live stage tour will be an experience to remember.

“It’s as crazy as it is on TV,” he said.

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