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Saturday, April 20
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Man arrested after calling police on wife

A 43-year-old man's call to the police Friday morning, in which he claimed his wife had attacked him, resulted in his own arrest on multiple charges, Bloomington Police Department Sgt. Ian Lovan said.

Jody Allen Workman was arrested on charges of sexual battery, simple domestic battery, intimidation and false reporting after police were called to his home on the 1200 block of West Allen Street by Workman himself.

Workman called the police around 8:30 a.m. Friday, saying his 33-year-old wife had cut him with a knife and fled. Police arrived to find that Workman did indeed have a four-inch cut on his left forearm. He also had several small "hesitation cuts" that appeared to have possibly been self-inflicted.

A black-handled steak knife was found in the kitchen sink.

Workman claimed the couple had argued about past event when she grew angry and attacked him with he knife. He said he blocked with his forearm, thus sustaining the cut.

Police found a woman nearby who did not turn out to be the wife, but who herself had seen the wife in the area, confirming it was her after seeing a picture. Police picked up the wife shortly thereafter and brought her back to the couple's apartment.

The wife told police that Workman had just been released from jail a week ago after battery charges in which she was the victim. She said Workman had since been keeping her up at night and the prior evening had cut his arm himself with the knife, saying he would frame her.

Friday morning, the argument continued, with Workman hitting his wife on the rear along with other inappropriate and unwanted sexual touching. She said he threatened to kill her, after which he left.

Police determined Workman's wounds to be self-inflicted and arrested him, taking him to the hospital and then jail.

- Max McCombs

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