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Sunday, April 21
The Indiana Daily Student

Scrooges, take note

Why do so many people hate the holiday season?

They begrudgingly buy presents, make threats to Mother Nature and her foreboding snow and scowl at the sound of “Jingle Bells.”

Yet, others, like me, put up holiday decorations while our stomach is still full of turkey, await eggnog lattes with a calendar countdown and accept snow with a smile, at least until January.

Maybe for some, Christmas holds a bad memory, or, for others, their mother never decorated with as much fervor as mine.

Whatever the case may be, I’m telling you that you should leave all your scrooge-ness behind this year. 

What’s wrong with a time of the year that makes people happy simply because it

For many, this has been a hard year. But let me give you a little push back to reality.

You have a great life, despite the constant complaining that goes on in your head.

You go to school on a beautiful campus and are surrounded by good things.

Finals suck, but they’ll be finished soon and you’ll be able to detox the last semester away.

Minivans will whisk the young ones back home for mom’s sugar cookies. You will be warm, full and taken care of. If you can’t find the good in that, then maybe you are a true Scrooge.

Do you say the holidays are a ploy of commercialism?

So what? Our economy needs a sales boost, and increase in sales creates jobs.

The holidays give people a reason to eat bounties of yummy things. Everyone knows calories don’t count until Dec. 26 and to see the look on people’s faces when you know you’ve just given them the perfect gift, see family from all ends of the country, or world is great.

I spent last holiday in Prague, where sparkly lights and Christmas markets are everywhere, offering warm treats and homemade gifts.

It was an amazing holiday, but it made me appreciate spending the holidays at home more than I could have imagined. Prague doesn’t have my grandma’s cheesy potatoes or any Christmas movies in English.

So let’s all wait until January to complain about the snow. Let’s stop ourselves from eye-rolling at the blaring Christmas carols and remember to be a little nicer during this month.

Let that pedestrian cross because it’s freezing cold outside. Hold that door open for the mom with two kids. Give your change to the bell ringers in front of the grocery store.

Just remember that you can be a Scrooge, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to be.


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