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Sunday, Dec. 3
The Indiana Daily Student


Gubernatorial candidates spar in last debate

Indiana Governor Debate

The three Indiana gubernatorial candidates debated for the third and last time Thursday evening in Fort Wayne. DePauw University Executive Director of Media Relations Ken Owen served as moderator of the hour-long debate between Democratic candidate John Gregg, U.S. Rep. Mike Pence, R-6th District and Libertarian candidate Rupert Boneham.

Medical marijuana:


“I would oppose the decriminalization of for medical use, that’s something I would at least want to talk about.”


“I’ve seen too many people become involved with marijuana and seen their lives sidetracked as a result.”


“It is a plant. If it will help the suffering of patients in Indiana, we should let them have that plant.”

Science education/creationism


Didn’t directly answer the question. Supports including more teachers, parents and school board members in the reform discussion.


Didn’t directly answer the question. Supports giving parents more choices and teachers more freedom. Believes issues of curriculum should be decided by parents at local schools, not dictated from Indianapolis.


Would not support a bill allowing creationism education in schools, but supported finding outlets in alternative schools.
“I want to keep science, science.”



Supported developing state-funded early education programs.


Supported nongovernmental early education programs.


Supported ending the I-Step test, restructuring grades to be based on progress, instead of performance on one test.

Clean coal energy:

All three candidates support moving forward with the development of a clean coal plant in Rockport, Ind.

Local government reform:


Supports a more “inclusive” system of local government, avoiding “top-down” decision-making.


Aims to develop a reformed framework for local government to consolidate functions.


Supports the decentralization of government, transferring more power to the counties.

Fact Check:

Economic health of Indiana

Pence said we’re the financial envy of the nation.

FACT: From July 2011 to June 2012, Indiana’s personal income increased by 4.2 percent, compared to just 3.3 percent nationally. That made Indiana the leader of five states in the Great Lakes region and 11th nationally.

SOURCE: Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis

Automotive industry

Gregg said Pence voted against the auto bailout.

FACT: Pence did vote against the Automotive Industry Financing Bill, which passed in the House 237–170. Pence said he supports General Motors did not want to put the financial burden on taxpayers.


Minimum wage:

Gregg said Pence didn’t support a raise in the national minimum wage.

FACT: He called it excessive. He said the effects would actually increase unemployment and go against fundamental free market economics.


Voting record:

Gregg said Pence’s record on passed bills he authored is 0-63.

FACT: Gregg uses to cite this fact. However, that information is no longer on the site. It does show that of the bills Pence sponsored or co-sponsored, 68 failed while 21 simple resolutions passed.


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